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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Permissions dialog

Use this dialog to manage accounts and to assign permissions for a catalog object. You can also use it to replace account entries in the Access Control List (ACL).

Permissions determine which user, group, or role can view, open, or modify the object. If you are using this dialog to assign permissions to a catalog object and need more information about the privileges that further refine the tasks users can perform, see "Managing Presentation Services Privileges" in Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

For more information, see:

This dialog is also displayed as the:

Section Permissions dialog



Not all components are available in each version of the dialog.


Displays the folder in which the object resides.


Displays the account name of the object owner. To change the name that displays in this field, go to the Owner column in the Permission area and select the button corresponding to the account you want to assign as the owner. Note that this field sets the catalog owner of the object, which differs from setting the business owner for a KPI or scorecard object. For more information about the business owner, see "KPI editor: General Properties page."


Use this area to manage accounts and assign permissions. Note the following options:

Note that this area also lists any Unresolved Accounts for you to manage. An unresolved account is an account for which information is no longer available, for example, an account for a user who is no longer with your organization.

Permissions Toolbar

This toolbar contains the following buttons:

Apply permissions to sub-folders

Use this option to assign permissions to the folder's subfolders, but not to the individual objects within the folder.

Apply permissions to items within a folder

Use this option to assign permissions to the folder's individual objects, but not to the subfolders within the folder.

Apply permissions to all descendants

This option is available only in the "Scorecard editor" when you apply permissions to an object in the Initiatives pane tree or the Strategy pane tree.

Use this option to assign permissions to all descendants of an object in the "Initiatives pane" or the "Strategy pane."

Replace Options

Use this list to specify how entries in the ACL are to be replaced for the object and also for its children, but only if one or more of these options are selected: Apply permissions to sub-folders, Apply permissions to items within a folder, or Apply permissions to all descendants: